A Mole Epidemic

There’s nothing I dislike more than gross bugs or small creepy-looking creatures. Bats scare me with their cartoonish, grotesque features. And armadillos, with their sickly shells, have always made me afraid. However, after buying my first home, I found another animal to fear. And this animal strikes fear for a lot of different reasons.

Moles are small little mammals that dig through dirt and create tunnels. They eat worms and nuts and are constantly hungry. They only eat worms and other similar creatures, as well as nuts. But they mess up lawns through their tunnels and generally chaotic behavior. And they are ugly!

So I have lots of reasons to dislike them. And then I found out what moles do to lawns and plants. See, I have a huge green thumb. I love gardening and I love cultivating beautiful plants with gorgeous blooms or delicious fruits. Apparently, moles can destroy gardens and plants with their tunnels and dirt digging. They create volcano-like molehills that can ruin the aesthetic of your grass.

And worse, while moles don’t actively eat plants or gardens, their tunnels can be used by other animals that do actively eat plants. The other animals just use the holes already dug up, pretty effectively, by moles.

Apparently, moles are pretty common in our area. My sister also lives in Chesterfield and she’s heard tons of horror stories. They dig day and night and it can be difficult to determine which tunnels or nests are currently being used by moles, so I wouldn’t even know where to start to solve the problem were it to happen.

I was getting pretty anxious that my new home would become a victim to a mole problem so I proactively reached out to my friends and family to see if there was a company that handled mole infestation problems. The one company continually referenced was Midwest Lawn Co. After hearing their name over and over again, I looked them up to find out that they were actually a lawn care company. But apparently they also handle mole issues that may impact your lawn, so I looked at their website.

On Midwest Lawn Co’s website, the steps to handle moles are pretty clearly outlined. To identify which mole tunnels or holes are active, you should flatten the mounds formed by molehills. The mounds that are reopened are the entry/exit to the tunnels that are actively being used by moles in your lawn. After that, the next step is to determine the lengths you are willing to go to remove the problem.

See, some options include gases or poisons that will kill the mole. Other options include fatal traps. I’m a pretty non-violent guy, so I think I would prefer a trap that keeps the mole alive but still handles the issue of moles that would impact my garden.

Of course, I may be handier than most but I’m still not a professional. It’s more likely that if I were to get moles in my lawn or property, I would probably just call Midwest Lawn Co to take care of it.

You Can Defend Yourself Against a DUI

When someone gets pulled over and the police mention the potential for a DUI, many will assume their lives are over. DUI charges can bring with them very significant penalties, including the suspension of a driver’s license, not to mention the social stigma after the arrest.

However, many don’t realize that they don’t have to accept the charge. They can fight it, and often, they can beat it.

There are a lot of ways you can contest your DUI charge. This isn’t just sophistry either; there are plenty of legitimate legal issues with how the police judge someone to be intoxicated. Lassiter Criminal Defense in Dallas lays out a lot of great defense options. Some of those include:

  • Questioning the reading from the breathalyzer, since they can have many problems that lead to invalid results
  • You may have had “rising blood alcohol” which put you over the limit only after you stopped driving, not while you were driving
  • The police didn’t have probable cause to stop you
  • The police behaved inappropriately during the DUI testing process
  • The physical signs the police used to judge you over the limit may not be related to your blood alcohol limit (for instance, red eyes or difficulty speaking may be related to other issues)
  • The field sobriety test was judged by a subjective officer, who you believe misjudged you
  • The field sobriety test was improperly administered
  • Your poor driving was unrelated to your blood alcohol level, and so you shouldn’t be charged with DUI

These defenses are very nuanced, and it should be stated plainly that if you want to try them, you should get a lawyer that will argue them for you. Without a lawyer (and their knowledge of the law and experience building legal arguments), you’re likely to have many of these arguments thrown out.

However, with a lawyer by your side, you may very well find that it is possible to beat a DUI charge. Mistakes are made every day when the police pull people over. They can cut corners and make bad choices just like any professional. If you pay close attention and report exactly what happened to your lawyer, it’s very possible that there is a way to build a defense that forces charges to be dropped or at least bargained down to a bare minimum penalty.

Again, it can seem, after the event, like your life is over when you get a DUI charge, but it is very possible that such a charge can be fought and fought successfully. It may be possible to avoid most fines and keep your license. All it takes is the willingness to fight and finding a lawyer that can use the facts of your case to your advantage.

This is true whether this is your first charge or your fifth. With a lawyer that will fight hard for you and a creative and close look at the facts, you can get back to your life without the drastic consequences that come from a conviction.

No appreciation for the good guys anymore

Tell me if this is fair. My friend is facing assault charges for standing up for a woman.

He was at a bar with some friends (me included), and we all saw this guy harassing this lady. At first, it was a little pathetic, and it made for some fun entertainment watching him flub around trying to pick her up. He was full of bad pickup lines and really bad jokes, and she could really roll her eyes.

The night went on, we lost track of the two of them, but a few hours later, outside the bar, we saw the guy getting a little aggressive with his game. He was getting a little handsy when she clearly didn’t like it, and there was just something about him that suggested he wasn’t going to let it go.

The rest of us, shamefully, were going to just leave them alone. Looking back now, I don’t know why that is, perhaps we all just don’t like conflict. Amazingly, it was my friend, who’s the quietest of us, who went up and did something.

The rest of the story tells itself. The guy got offended. He got mouthy. My friend pushed him to get him to go away. The guy tripped and hit his head. Police got called. My friend got arrested.

Now, he needs a lawyer to defend him so he won’t go to jail or something just for being a decent person.

What kind of country are we living in where the guy who saves a girl from some harasser is the one dealing with charges?

I’m hoping the girl feels the same way and tells the police what’s up. I’ve tried to speak up, and I gave a statement, but I didn’t get the impression the guy taking it was particularly interested. I suppose friends come in and defend the actions of their friends all the time.

It’s a real nightmare, though. My friend was supposed to be going off on a big trip in another week, hence the night out, but all that’s been canceled now so he can stay here and take care of legal fees.

I tell you, this is what comes from trying to be a good Samaritan. You stick up for people, and the system sticks you.

Perhaps I’m being too cynical. Maybe it’ll all work out okay, and he’ll get a parade at the end of this. It’d have to be something like that to turn this into a happy ending after all the pain he’s been through.

Imagine, he spent the whole night in a jail cell, and I haven’t heard one thing about that harasser dude who appears to have gotten off scot-free.

What a world, right?

Yacht Parties

Anyone can have a party, but not everyone has had a yacht party. Chicago private yacht parties are among some of the most memorable events a person can experience. Make the time spent with loved ones, family, and friends that much more special by taking them on board a moving party. Guests will be so entertained they won’t want to leave.

Yacht parties can suit any occasion, such as

  • Corporate events: make your annual summer bash one coworkers talk about for months
  • Social events: have your birthday, anniversary, or graduation on the Chicago water
  • Wedding events: up your ceremony game and treat guests to a wedding they’ll compare to other weddings for years to come
  • Special events: kiss your sweetheart on New Year’s Eve under the fireworks

Another good thing about yacht parties is that the charter will often have an event coordinator work with the host to make sure everything goes right. They can help with

  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Photography
  • Florists
  • Bakeries
  • Much more

Having a party on a yacht adds a lot of anticipation to the event- the moving scenery gives a sense of excitement that ordinary parties often lack. Guests feel this like a buzz in the air. The water adds a wonderful backdrop to all the photos. Warm summer nights make an excellent evening for a yacht party; it can feel like a small get away from the stress of everyday life.

Everything is better on a boat. Yacht parties are a trend here to stay.

Car Accident due to Road Defect

Despite studies which show that more than 90% of car crashes are due to driver error, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not automatically put the blame on drivers every time a car accident occurs.

Though it may be true that thousands of drivers are careless, reckless, distracted, overspeed or drive while under the influence (of alcohol or illegal drugs), there are still car accidents that are due to factors that outside of a driver’s control. Traffic enforcers work so hard to ensure and maintain safety in all U.S. roads and highways; but what if the actual cause of dangers are the very roads and highways where millions of motor vehicles are driven every day?

Road or highway defects are also identified by the NHTSA as contributing factors to car accidents. These include simple cracks, improperly designed and constructed curvatures, pot holes, uneven pavements, faulty guardrail end treatments, substandard road construction, wrong , misplaced or absent road signs, lack of pedestrian crossings, lack of traffic lights or railroad crossing lights, insufficient street lighting, and poor skid resistance of roadways. These defects are usually due to the use of sub-standard materials, and very poor road design, construction, maintenance and repair.

No matter how careful a driver may be, or how much he/she obeys traffics rules, or regularly inspects and maintains his/her vehicle, an unnoticed defect on the road can cause him/her to lose control of the vehicle and end up suffering from a serious car accident injury.

The dangerous effects of a defectively-designed highway or a poorly-maintained street can be extensive because these affect majority of, if not all, motorists. States, municipalities and cities are the ones responsible in the construction and maintenance of roads. States, however, have immunity from any form of liability (despite injuries during an accident), which is based on the rule that, so long as they follow approved construction plans, then they are exempt from paying any claims by an accident victim.

The chance of a victim in winning a court’s approval to claim for damages, therefore, depends on the ability and competence of a car accident lawyer, who will have to prove that the risk of accident should have been foreseen or discovered (by the state).

According to The Benton Law Firm, poor road quality causes thousands of accidents annually on U.S. roads and highways. Both state and federal laws mandate that cities, towns, and counties must keep roadways safe. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain every road, and safety is not always a guarantee. Road defects cause accidents that often result in injuries and death. With help from a seasoned personal injury lawyer, you may be able to receive the compensation you deserve from the responsible party.

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